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Roland MC-101 & MC-707 Project File
For the 'Trans-Radio-Non-Stop' Youtube Track


The project file is a self-contained wrapped file
that can only be loaded into the Roland MC-101 & MC-707 Grooveboxes
It contains all the sounds, clips, scenes & samples enabling you
to recreate / remix this youtube track.

I would request that these files be made only available from my website kv5.uk
and NOT be shared or uploaded to any 3rd party platforms.
I hope you understand this and respect my wishes.

If you would like to support the work I have done here
then please feel free to purchase one of my music albums !

Album: Third Phase of Moon - The Strangest Things


Zip File Contents:

Projects - Folder
KRAFT 1A.mpj - Roland Project File
Read Me.txt
File Size: 4.4 MB