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64 FREE Patterns for the
Behringer TD-3
All patterns in the key of 'C'
Makes life easier for transposing.


This download consists of 64 patterns
these are stored in the TD3's 64 memory locations A & B
the 'B' pattern being a slight variation of it's 'A' counterpart.

To load these sequences into your TD3
requires the Behringer 'SynthTribe' application
this can be freely downloaded from the official
Behringer website (see below)

The sequences were made by me using my TD3

1 - Connect the TD3 to a computer via USB
2 - Open the Behringer 'SynthTribe' application
3 - Select the sequencer tab on the left
4 - Select the 'Merge' tab at the top
5 - Browse to where you unzipped the 'kvfive.sqs' sequencer file

If you have patterns you wish to retain
you must back them up before executing the above process
all of the TD3's internal memory locations will be overwritten.

Please note the 'SynthTribe' application is updated frequently
so these intructions may differ slightly
depending on what version of the application you have
for this example I used version 2.5.2

(Product Search: TD-3)

I would request that these files be made only available from my website kv5.uk
and NOT be shared or uploaded to any 3rd party platforms,
FaceBook groups and the likes.
I hope you understand this and respect my wishes.

If you would like to support the work I have done here
then please feel free to purchase one of my music albums !

Album: Third Phase of Moon - The Strangest Things


Zip File Contents:

kvfive_TD3 Folder
TD3 kvfive.jpg
Read Me.txt
File Size: 116 KB

If you are experiencing issues downloading this file
then please try a different web browser first
Safari, Edge, Firefox all work with no issues
Chrome browser is usually the problem here :-(