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Build Your Own V-Gate Magnetic Motor Engine

FREE 3D Printable Parts in STL Format.

Both parts have been precision crafted in 3D software

these parts have been designed to be printed on a 200 micron 3D printer

which is equal to 0.2mm.

Many hours have gone into the creation of these two parts,

especially the actual magnet drum holder with literally 100s of test prints to get it where

we are today.

I have decided to now make these parts freely available to anyone who wishes

to download them and print them off for themselves.

I would request that these files be made only available from my website kv5.uk

and NOT be shared or uploaded to any 3D printing platforms or the likes

I hope you understand this and respect my wishes.


If you would like to support the work I have done here

then please feel free to purchase one of my music albums !

Album: Third Phase of Moon - The Strangest Things


I would love to see your own designs of this V-gate engine

so please contact me via the contact page (above)

providing me with any links to your relevant designs :-)

Additional information on the construction of this V-Gate Free Energy machine

Can be found in this video link :

Parts List:

01 - V-Gate Drum 61mm 48 Magnet Holder

02 - Shaft & Bearing Stand

WinZip File 552kb